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Clinique & Skincare

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This post was originally a haul but then I started to go on how to treat your skin......
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Have you ever washed your face and left it for a minute, then to realise that your face felt a little tight? Well that is because you face is dehydrated. To cater to your skin's needs, you first need to acknowledge what skin type you are. This is to avoid using any sort of moisturiser on your face as it would not help hydrate your skin. An example, a few people I know believe the answer to dry skin is cocoa butter, however, it is not, cocoa butter I know to clog up your skin, giving it no air to breath and creating blocked pores. You need to find a moisturiser that, firstly, caters to your skin type and, secondly, hydrates your skin.
Drinking lots of water can also help with the less tight feeling however, moisturiser is more important as it is 'water to your face'. If you are yet to realise this wash your face, then let it air dry (until no trace of water is on your face), start exercising your jaw and see how your face feels. If you can feel every pull with the opening of your jaw then your face is tight and requires moisture appropriate for your skin type. Exfoliators also help hydrate the skin however, avoid using harsh exfoliates (Clean & Clear is a good one to use).
I normally go for the smaller pack, which comes with the face wash, toner and gel cream, as I tend to use other products on my face as well. I am pretty much saying I am not consistent with these products hence I go for the smaller range. I am skin type three; which is combination skin.
So after topping up on my skincare goodies from Clinique, if you've ever ordered from Clinique, you know they give you 2 samples. I chose their moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator which is a gel base cream and their high impact mascara.

(Excuse my nail, I was testing out new nail varnishes.)
I cannot emphasise on how much these two products are just great!
High impact mascara
I hardly go for expensive mascara. To be honest with you I am happy with drugstore ones as I feel they do the trick. I was happy when Clinique sent this mascara out to me as it gave me a chance to experiment. THIS IS THE SHIT GUYS! I, honestly, cannot praise this mascara enough! The first ever mascara I have used which I did not have to use in conjunction with another, one that elongated my lashes without the spider look. I am in love. I think I have found THE one. I don't think I'll buy another drugstore mascara, this will be the one and only mascara in my makeup bag.

Moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator
I have combination skin (oily T-zone and normal/dry on the other parts), so it is hard to find a moisturiser which caters to both my skin types. Boy oh boy am I thankful to Clinique who just sent me the answer to all my searches. Though online it states that this is for skin types 1&2 when I received it, the packaging stated for skin types 1, 2 & 3. Although it is a sample, a little goes a long way. I have noticed, ever since I started using this product, my skin no longer feels tight when I wash it and leave it to dry; even my sister used it (who has dry skin) and noticed results straight away. It is a gel cream, which is light; it does not clog up the skin nor does it block pores, thus allowing the skin to breath.
Though the packaging states it is wearable under make up, I suggest if your are a skin type 3 is not advisable. I decided to wear it under make up and noticed, around my T-zone area, the shine I hate!
The only con is that it does not retail cheap, however, it is worth a buy as only a little bit is needed and thus is guaranteed to last long and, unlike other products, actually does what it says! If you do not want to buy it straight away ask for a sample at any Clinique counter.

Are you a fan of Clinique products?

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