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Comic Fonts
                                                                                     ... But you can call me ..
Comic Fonts
Born and raised in London
19 years of age
Studying Criminology at University
My love for fashion/beauty has seriously damaged many wallets!
My growing obsession with beauty started in college when I was introduced to my first ever foundation, MAC. I was so fascinated with the wonders it did, that I was curious to discover other types of foundations; eventually that lead to also discovering many other complimentary items such as blush, lipsticks and so forth. Fashion came into the picture pretty much at the same time. It was a time where my peers started earning jobs and looked better; also a period of time which I realised that I was growing and needed a new look.
I plan to showcase many elements of fashion and beauty on my blog with you wonderful people. Stay tuned!

Live . Love . Laugh!

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