Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sugarpill Haul

Heeeey lovelies!!
Though I am on a spending ban, this is an exception as I ordered it way before I had decided to go on this spending ban.
I envy you Americans! You have all the stores I wish London had; Sephora, Sugarpill, Ulta and my never-ending list of your great stores continue!
I discovered sugarpill from a fellow blogger, who had been waiting patiently so she can purchase it at IMATS, however, we do not have a sugarpill UK store nor do they have a representation at IMATS UK. After endless researching I pretty much were satisfied and assured that these shadows were good value for your money (at 12 dollars per eye shadow - a steal if you ask me!) PLUS I was delighted to find that sugarpill do international shipping! (You should have seen my reaction when I popped onto their website. However, the eye shadows that I wanted were out of stock!! (Very annoying).
Despite being disappointed that I may not be able to make a order, I subscribed to their newsletter. Can you guess what happened next?
I got an inbox saying all the eye shadows had been restocked!! I think I just dove on my laptop and ordered straight away.. though, through all the excitement I forgot to purchase two eye shadows I initially wanted to purchase.
Nonetheless, after 3 weeks, I have received my package...

2am. A purple pigment

Acidberry. A lime green pigment

Buttercupcake. A yellow pigment

Dollipop. A fuchsia pigment 

Stella. A black pigment with sparkles engrossed 

Tako. A white pigment

Velocity. A royal blue pigment

I decided I wanted to try out the, very much raved about, duo lash adhesive. But, I was not keen on buying it in the UK as most retail stores sell in for 10 pounds, which, to me, did not seem like the smartest thing to spend 10 pounds on. So when I came across it on sugarpill for $6 you can imagine how ecstatic I was.
I also received some freebies; a sugarpill sticker and a sample eye shadow. Goldilux was actually on of the eye shadows I forgot to purchase so I was happy to receive the sample as I can try out whether I like the pigment or not.

Cute packaging
Very pigmented shadows
A generous amount of shadow per pan
Quick international shipping
No unpleasant smell from shadow
Exciting selection of shades

If you live in the UK and want to purchase from this brand DO be prepared to pay customs! On their website they play around and say that you may, however it is GUARANTEED you will be paying customs charge as well as a royal mail handling fee.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase, though I will not be ordering from them as now I have found a UK stockist; Love MakeUp.

Have you yet to try any sugarpill products? If yes how did you find them?
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  2. Hi lovely,
    I have just followed your blog after finding you through the #bbloggers blog hop, your blog is lovely! I've never heard of this brand but will definitely be checking them out :)
    I'd love it if you could check my blog out :)
    Emily xo

    1. Hey love
      Thanks for checking me out
      Do so, you would not be disappointed!

  3. Hate paying customs :( you got some gorgeous things, especially the eyeshadows


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey!

    1. They are abit of a problem when ordering internationally!
      Ill check it out hunny

  4. You can buy Sugarpill in the UK. But Yeah due to customs I avoid buying a lot of stuff. I find it a joke that in the 21 century we have to pay customs for personal items.

    1. Yasss girl, I discovered after I made the transaction lol
      Im with you, an absolute joke!

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    1. Helllooo
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