Friday, 30 November 2012

Brow Fix-up

Hey sweeetieess!
If you did not know, I go university. The university I go to is quite a distance from home, which means I would have to find other places to fulfill my beauty needs. These include brow threading, nails and so forth. So lets relate this to the post title, well, I went to find a place to thread my brows as they were getting a tad bit messy. I FOUND ONE! It was in the market in a very tight place, which did not bother me too much as the one I go to at home is also in a market. To add excitement it was student day, meaning that the price went down to £2, as you can imagine I was literally leaping to sit down in that chair. She started, this was a lot less painful than the one I normally go to at home. I thought to myself how much better can this get, cheap prices, near to where I live and not even hurting me (usually I cry, an indication of whether or not the threader's technique is painful). BEAR IN MIND I told this woman I wanted thick brows (as I grew them out) and also showed her a picture of how I normally get them done. To cut a long story short, when I went to look in the mirror, after her 'miraculous' work, I nearly cried; This woman pretty much took of all my brows, left them non identical  and her work was just messy! She then had the audacity to tell me that my I never had much hair on my brows to begin with, as if she did not already insult me with her 'magical hands'.
Right is this a rant post or a tutorial post? Im getting to carried away.

(Top: How the lady threaded my brows
Centre: a little bit of tweaking (with a razor)
Bottom: Tea tree toner water (to remove any excess hair not needed)

So as you can see the top image is the abomination the lady called 'greatness'. They do not even look like they correspond, it literally looks like she was going for two different shapes when she was threading! The second image shows the result of me tweaking a bit. At this stage I did not get it exactly how I wanted it (which I rectified later), however, I got a shape. I then used the Lush tree toner water to take away any excess hair and also as I was going to be putting foundation, I used it as my base/primer.

(Left to right: Elf mist spray, Rimmel eyebrow pencil with brush and Brow)
Thereafter, I used the elf mist and set spray to help get my brows get tidy, with the assistance of the Rimmel eyebrow pencil brush.

(Left to right: Brow dried out, Brow lined)
At this point, I do not think I tweaked the left brow properly (looking at it from this point, the brow on the right) as it looks thicker than the other brow. However, that does not really matter depending on the density of the brow you are looking to go for and since I am going for thick, it would not even show. I do tend to line my brows , especially at times like the one presented, however, I do not do so all the time. Pretty much when I need to do so.

(Left to right: Brow filled in, Mary Kay concealer - Bronze 2, Brow cleaned up)
On this particular day, I was in a rush to go to work (as I was going to be late if not), so how I filled in my brows were slightly messy; apologies. The first image is of how I fill in my brows, normally the shape would already be there so I would need to use much brow pencil to fill it in. However, since this is a fix up and the shape I wanted was not visible without the pencil, I had to do more shading. 
With my normal brow routine I use two concealers. I forgot to take a picture of the second concealer (Sheer Cover duo concealer - Tan/Dark) I use, due to it being in a state which is not appealing to the naked eye. How do I use these concealers? The Mary Kay concealer is in fact my skin tone shade, so I would use it above my brow to blend in with my foundation and skin tone. I then use the Sheer Cover concealer below my brow to serve as a highlighter.

(Final results)
Okay so I may have got a bit excited with the end results as the first image I rushed my lipstick application to take a picture lol. The second image displays the final results of my brow fix-up; I must say it looks like I did not even have a brow problem at all... Was that a bit cheeky of me to compliment my skills?

Have you ever had a brow mishap? 

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Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hey sweeeties
Well, I posted this picture on Facebook and my cousin loved it soo much she told me to do a blog post about it so she can 'copy that shit'; that was her exact words, so here it is.
At the moment I am really loving MAC Rebel (lipstick) and Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation. I think they both compliment my face, and in regards to the foundation, there is no visible shine, YES! This foundation is healthier for the skin, as opposed to using thicker foundations; as it is light and gives a glow to the skin. Have you noticed that my description of this foundation sounds more like a moisturising tint? Yes, well that is because, the whole time, I actually thought this was a moisturising tint as opposed to a foundation.
I wore this face to a christening and received quite a few compliments, mostly on how flawless my skin tone looked. My face may look a tad bit shiny but that because of the flash from the camera I used, and not the actual foundation.

- Lush tea tree toner
- Dermalogica oil control lotion
- Bobbi Brown Moisture rich foundation - Almond
- MAC MSF - Deep Dark

- Sleek face contour/highlight kit - Dark
- Sleek limited edition Caribbean collection blush - Aruba

- Elf makeup mist and set
- Body shop Carbon eye definer - Brown
- Mary kay concealer - Bronze 2
- Sheer cover duo concealer - Tan/Dark

- HighTech instant lash extender mascara - Black

- Nyx auto lip liner - Plum
- MAC lipstick - Rebel

The hair was curled using the Remington pearl curling wand
- Silvikrin hairspray - Natural hold
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hey dolls!
This is really bad of me, this post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a week now! I have already installed this which I will post a picture of below.
From the title of the post, you already know what I will be talking about, my new hair! I wanted new hair, a new look; I wanted hair that is long lasting, I tried Brazilian Virgin Hair, however, I just did not think it sat well with me. I wanted something more thicker, something more lush... I came across Peruvian Virgin Hair.
(Top image: Peruvian hair in packaging
Bottom image: Peruvian hair out of packaging)

I bought this hair from Hair Extensions Fashion, in lengths 14, 16 x 2 and 18 inches, I must admit I did not want to buy long lengths as I have been feeling shorter lengths lately (which is making me contemplate on cutting my own hair) BUT, I thought to myself if I'm going to be spending a huge amount on just hair, I might as well make it worth my money! Initially, I wanted to get straight hair, however, as they sold out of the straight hair (and I was in desperate need of hair) I ended up going with the body wave. I have to say I am not a huge fan of curly/wavy hair and I will explain why at the end of this post.
My first impressions of this hair is that it is gorgeous! This hair definitely surpassed my expectations of how this hair would look like. However, the 18 inch looks as though it is in fact 16 inches, I did contact  the company about this and their response was that if I were to stretch the hair I would notice the difference. I mean, should there not be a visible difference? Instead of going through so much trouble stretching and trying to measure the hair! Anyways, sizing put aside, this hair is just lush! The quality of the hair is superb and most importantly this hair is just thick (which is a plus as I like full looking hair); If I knew it would have been this thick I would have ordered 3 bundles!

(Left to right: hair drying with no flash, hair drying with flash)

I do tend to wash hair before I wear them, as you can see from the picture above. Why? It is because they come with a certain scent that I do not really like, so washing and conditioning it will leave it smelling better. I noticed that when you wash wavy, even though the waves stay, they stretch out. This made me slightly regret washing it as I wanted the 'first installed' look as opposed to the 'second installed' look it left me with.

(Left to right: sealed weft up close, the process of sealing wefts)

After I washed the hair and let it dry overnight, I went on to seal the wefts. The weft sealer was bought from a hair shop called SHABA (Mr loverman SHABA - whenever I go this shop I'm reminded of this song). I decided to seal my wefts this time round as the last hair I bought I did not seal and it shed so badly that ,after the second wear, pretty much nothing was left! However, this is not an easy job; I had to seal one side, wait 30 minutes before doing the opposite side. Being that I am clumsy, the weft sealer got everywhere! After it dried, I noticed the wefts were much harder which made it harder to sew, this may make me find an alternative to the weft sealer I bought .. .One of my colleagues from work mentioned that she uses fray stopping spray, I might consider that when I next buy hair. Plus, I hear it is cheaper than weft sealer.

(Left: back of installment
Right top:  side of installment right bottom: Middle part/front of installment)
Yesss I got the hair installed in a middle part style. As you can tell from the picture, the hair does not look much wavy. Why? Well that is because I roughly straightened the hair as when I got it installed I looked like a lion having a bad hair day! Moral of the story is that I should have stuck to installing just 3 bundles, instead of insisting that my aunt should try and fit all four bundles in.
Overall, I am in love with this hair and I should be keeping you posted on all the different hair styles I plan to do with it!

So I did say that I would tell you why I do not like curly/wavy hair:
- It gets bushy quicker than straight hair
- More tangles and shedding
- It is more likely to get the 'old' look in due time as opposed to straight hair
- Sometime, it does not blend in well with your hair
I think that is all the reasons as to why I do not like wavy/curly hair, but desperate circumstances calls for desperate measures, hence, I now have wavy hair installed.

Will you be buying any type of virgin hair anytime soon?

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Review: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

Hey beauties!

Hey, Hey, Hey...
Ever had a foundation that is too thick in consistency? Or a foundation that gives you spots? Or even a foundation that looks like you've 'caked' it on? Well here is your answer!

'A bold, unique formula to target shadowy areas and define contours. A magic light infused within a weightless fluid. A texture that has no mask-like effect. A formula free of opaque powders that evens the complexion and erases imperfections, enhancing the face’s natural features.
 With Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, the skin is beautiful, natural and radiant. Custom-made to cast light on all the Saint Laurent people in the world.' - Feel Unique

'The light of Touche Éclat foundation targets shadowy areas and highlights the contours of the face. With no opaque powders, its perfecting texture evens the complexion and helps conceal your imperfections, while enhancing your skin’s natural beauty'. - Selfridges

Above I have given two descriptions, from two stores, of this foundation. They are fairly the same; both descriptions, having tried it, are precisely on point! Seriously, if you do not have this foundation, go and get it now! Before getting the one I did, I was torn between 2 shades as they were both similar in colour, however, I ended up going with BD70 which I am glad I did as it just looks flawless on the skin (pictured on the left picture of my header). Before this foundation, I was hooked on the Bobbi Brown moisturising tint as it was not heavy and gave me a natural look, however, when I first laid my hands on this bad boy, my gaaaard I just knew I was going to be buying this foundation. How can you not buy a foundation that does more good for you than bad?

-Light - so light it can be used in hot countries
-Gives a natural look 
-Blends well in with skin
-Oil-free; I have very oily skin and for a foundation to go all day with any oil show-ups/shine, you know that it is a great foundation
-Gel based - glides on so smoothly

-Pricing - at £28 I think this may be an unreasonable price for a foundation

Will you be buying this foundation?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My HUGE Autumn/Fall Haul..

Hey sweeties!
So its confirmed; I'm a shopaholic!! Its a disease that, sadly, has no cure.
Most of the items I am about to post were bought online, only a few were bought from the high street stores (I guess this is because on my way to lectures I walk past the BIG Luton shopping centre, TRUST me its very hard to resist buying AT LEAST one item!).
This haul will be including make-up, clothing, accessories and SHOES!!
Excuse the capital letters, for some reason I'm very excited to post this haul... maybe because it's my FIRST ever haul since I started this blog!!
These items have been all my shopping in the last two/three weeks; I just did not have the time to post them due to lectures and blah, blah, blah...

(Left to right: Wet N Wild Lipsticks: Don't Blink Pink, Purty Persimmon, 908c - Sugar Plum Fairy, 916d - Ravin Raisin and Dollhouse Pink.
MAC Lipsticks: Fresh Brew, Candy Yum Yum, Morange and Rocker)
The label matches the images as I could not coordinate the above images (packaging) to their open state (lipstick when opened); I hope you understand my rambling.
I actually ordered the wet n wild lippies in August, however, something happened with my order. These lipsticks did not actually arrive until the end of October!! Nonetheless, when they came I was very excited as I wanted a few cheaper alternatives to high end lipsticks; they are also MATTE, which I LOVE as my lips require matte lippies to look attractive LOL! Joking, they just tend to look bigger than usual when I apply sheeny lipsticks. I ordered the Wet n Wild lippies from BeautyJoint as I could now find a stockist here in the UK. Shipping was $10 so fairly reasonable.
The MAC lipsticks were all ordered from MAC. Fresh Brew was ordered by accident, I wanted Jubilee, however, ended up ordering Fresh Brew. Now I have both (as I ordered Jubilee straight after receiving Fresh Brew and realising it does not look the same as I saw in the store), but forgot to upload a picture of Jubilee; It would be uploaded in the lip swatches :)

(Left to right: Elf Studio Glossy & Glitter Glosses: Dragon fruit, Wild Watermelon,  Ruby Raspberry, Fucshia Fireworks, Muted Mauve and Merry Cherry.
Illamasqua Intense Lip gloss: Mistress.)
The ELF glosses were bought from the ELF website (If I'm correct, that's the only place you can actually buy them from). These glosses are soo pigmented! Want to wear something light and it not be lipstick? Well this is your answer! 
Mistress is a lovely colour; I have yet to try it but I will post it in the lip swatches when I do so! I bought it from Debenhams when they were on a sale. Muahahaha!

(Left to right: Emerald green flats - random shop; black boots - H&M; burgundy loafers & black flats - New Look; Houndstooth flats - H&M and nude wedges - New Look)
As soon as I saw these emerald green flats, I knew they would go perfectly with my green blazer (which I dumbly forgot to upload). Its a colour I wouldn't usually go for but its just a beautiful colour, its exerts so much sophistication paired with almost anything!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these boots! As you can tell from the picture it looks a bit worn out, that's because I've been wearing it since I got it! They are so comfi and easy to walk in. If I knew I would love them as much as I do, I probably would have bought 2 pairs.

(Left to right: Boob tube peplum dress, Midi bodycon dress & White shirt - ASOS, Purple cheetah dress - H&M)
I first saw the Mango boob tube peplum dress in a magazine, I was like 'Daaaaaaamn I needa get me one of those!'. After endless searching I could not find this dress, not even on the Mango website, so I gave up. One day I was browsing the internet (as I regularly do) and spotted it on ASOS; you know how it went, THE DEBIT CARD CAME OUT!

(Left to right: LUSH Bubblegum lip scrub & Tea tree water toner)
I have, forever, loved Lush products from their natural bath soaps, shampoo and facial care stuff. My cousin introduced me to the lip scrub (she had the limited edition one) and I fell in love. I was intrigued by the wonders it did for my lips; It left it feeling SO soft (I place emphasis on this product as it pretty much fulfills its purpose). An added bonus is that it smells so good; I mean its a lip product and near to your nose, so it has to have a pleasant smell in order for you to keep using it. Well this is a product that smell good almost good enough to eat #PhatGirlProblems.
Love, Love, Love the Tea Tree toner water. Honestly, about 2 weeks about I went to a club in Luton, having had problems with my oil T-zone in the past when I went out, I expected the worst at the end of the night, HOWEVER, that was not the case! At the end of the night my make up was going stronger than ever... You can use this under make up , after application or just when you want really (bare faced and then apply moisturiser), which ever float your boat honey bee.

(Left to right: Blazers: Forever 21 & H&M, Front of top and Back of top - H&M)
At first I didn't think much of this royal blue top BUT when I tried it on .. I fell in love with the back! The split thing it has going on is just sexy!

(Left to right: Tresemme liquid gold argan oil & Kim Kardashian perfume)
I love Tresemme products, so since superdrug were on a half price promotion for tresemme products I decided to get this for my hair. Original price: 6.99, Price bought: 3.49
If I'm honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians; All I have to say is Kim has outdone herself on this one! The aroma of this perfume is just lush. I do not think its a day time perfume, more so for a 'I want to be sexy tonight to attract his attention' type of night.

(Left to right: Elf mist and set spray; hypershine lipgloss - bubblegum; concealer - spice & toffee; studio powder brush; black liquid eyeliner; crease brush and blending wedges)

(Left to right: Essie nail polish - School of hard rocks, Foot loose and Pansy)
I was a bit skeptical about the whole ' pink suits darker skin tones', however, I decided to start by buying lipsticks and nail polishes (as I have never been into pink and do not own any pink clothing). My garddd ALL of it is true! I love the Essie nail polishes especially Pansy. I think it goes great with my skin tone and just looks like Candy floss. Stay tuned as I will soon be posting Nail swatches including these Essie nail varnishes.

(Navy lace top - Forever 21)

(Left to right: Top - Purple crochet crop jumper - Forever 21 and Coral hi-lo crop jumper - George
Bottom - Beige jumper dress - Primark, Maroon/Purple jumper dress - New Look and Burgundy Jumper - George
Jumpers, Jumpers, Jumpers..
As winter comes closer, I always realise my wardrobe is always full summer clothing; so this year I've decided to just stock up on all the jumpers I loved whilst shopping. When it comes to jumpers clothing (as you can see above) I do not really go for dark colours I'm one to pick up the brighter colours, I think black, white and grey are just dull colours and do not really show your personality much hence I go for the bright ones ;)

(All of these accessories are from Forever 21 except from the hand cuff - on the bottom row, which is from H&M)
I am a HUGE accessory hoarder; I love to wear colourful earrings that stand out. With hand jewellery I like to keep it simple with a statement piece that does not have much going on! In my opinion accessories make an outfit POP!  

(NARS foundation - Dark 2 Bernares)
The purpose of this purchase is to actually be used on holidays; those times when you want to wear a little something but do not want to wear a heavy foundation. As we are entering winter, it is a bit hard to test whether this foundation will work or not.

(Left to right: Houndstooth peplum top - ASOS and Houndstooth peplum top with checkered flats - H&M)

(Real techniques - core collection)
I always leave the best for last! This brush collection is by far the greatest investment I have made. I think that the quality of the brushes is worth the money I spent on it. As you can see above, I have already used them  and I believe it fulfills its purpose greatly. My favourite of the collection is the buffing brush, I just love how it helps with the application of my foundations.

I know I have posted a lot and I thank you for taking your time to read this post.

What have you bought this Autumn?
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