Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I need more HEROINE! + swatches.

Helllloooo, how are you doing sweethearts? Its been quite a long time since I posted anything here ...
Okay so that title is very misleading if you do not know about MAC's cosmetics.. But I am talking about MAC's Heroine lipstick. I wanted to get this when the Reel Sexy collection came out last year, however, heroine seemed to be a favourite of everyone's  so I was unable to get it. I was determined to get it with the release of the fashion sets, but when I went on the MAC website it was showing that literally everything was out of stock! Distraught, I made some phone calls to MAC, to which they told me that they would be in store on Thursday 2nd May; however, knowing I was 2 trains away from the closest Mac counter, I just didn't think I would get this lippy. LUCKILY, I casually was browsing online and came across Selfridges selling HEROINE!! You can just imagine how quickly my debit card came out! I ordered 2 just in case lol

(Left to right: MAC Heroine by its self,  MAC Heroine with gloss)

Why is everyone in love with Heroine?
Well it because it is very versatile, can be worn on any skin tone, it also has a blue undertone which means it makes your teeth look white even if is not!
Though I love matte lipsticks, as I have big lips, I was not sure I liked Heroine matte; I preferred heroine with a bit of gloss, I believe it brings the colour to life!
No extra price, retails at the same price as normal mac lipsticks
Unique - I have yet to discover a dupe for this lippy
Blue undertones - pearly looking teeth
Looks matte, however, does not feel matte on lips

Limited edition; I will have to use this lippy wisely
Stains! - I had this colour on up until the next day, after I had worn it

I am probably late on posting this post, but only because I also wanted to also swatch the Rimmel Kate Moss in #04; which I was waiting to be delivered from ASOS.
I have been wanting to buy this lipstick, I just do not know what stopped me from getting it!

I am in love with this deep purple/plum lippy; I think it is a lipstick which is great on every skin tone. I am not sure of its lasting power as I have not worn it long enough to say.
Has a great smell, very sweet smelling
Very budget friendly
Moisturising; usually I prefer matte lipstick however, this creamy lipstick has won me over!
Very pigmented

I did not find any cons, however, people may not find the creamy formula of the lipstick very appealing as it may bleed.

Do you have any of these shades? How do you like them?

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