Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hey dolls!
This is really bad of me, this post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a week now! I have already installed this which I will post a picture of below.
From the title of the post, you already know what I will be talking about, my new hair! I wanted new hair, a new look; I wanted hair that is long lasting, I tried Brazilian Virgin Hair, however, I just did not think it sat well with me. I wanted something more thicker, something more lush... I came across Peruvian Virgin Hair.
(Top image: Peruvian hair in packaging
Bottom image: Peruvian hair out of packaging)

I bought this hair from Hair Extensions Fashion, in lengths 14, 16 x 2 and 18 inches, I must admit I did not want to buy long lengths as I have been feeling shorter lengths lately (which is making me contemplate on cutting my own hair) BUT, I thought to myself if I'm going to be spending a huge amount on just hair, I might as well make it worth my money! Initially, I wanted to get straight hair, however, as they sold out of the straight hair (and I was in desperate need of hair) I ended up going with the body wave. I have to say I am not a huge fan of curly/wavy hair and I will explain why at the end of this post.
My first impressions of this hair is that it is gorgeous! This hair definitely surpassed my expectations of how this hair would look like. However, the 18 inch looks as though it is in fact 16 inches, I did contact  the company about this and their response was that if I were to stretch the hair I would notice the difference. I mean, should there not be a visible difference? Instead of going through so much trouble stretching and trying to measure the hair! Anyways, sizing put aside, this hair is just lush! The quality of the hair is superb and most importantly this hair is just thick (which is a plus as I like full looking hair); If I knew it would have been this thick I would have ordered 3 bundles!

(Left to right: hair drying with no flash, hair drying with flash)

I do tend to wash hair before I wear them, as you can see from the picture above. Why? It is because they come with a certain scent that I do not really like, so washing and conditioning it will leave it smelling better. I noticed that when you wash wavy, even though the waves stay, they stretch out. This made me slightly regret washing it as I wanted the 'first installed' look as opposed to the 'second installed' look it left me with.

(Left to right: sealed weft up close, the process of sealing wefts)

After I washed the hair and let it dry overnight, I went on to seal the wefts. The weft sealer was bought from a hair shop called SHABA (Mr loverman SHABA - whenever I go this shop I'm reminded of this song). I decided to seal my wefts this time round as the last hair I bought I did not seal and it shed so badly that ,after the second wear, pretty much nothing was left! However, this is not an easy job; I had to seal one side, wait 30 minutes before doing the opposite side. Being that I am clumsy, the weft sealer got everywhere! After it dried, I noticed the wefts were much harder which made it harder to sew, this may make me find an alternative to the weft sealer I bought .. .One of my colleagues from work mentioned that she uses fray stopping spray, I might consider that when I next buy hair. Plus, I hear it is cheaper than weft sealer.

(Left: back of installment
Right top:  side of installment right bottom: Middle part/front of installment)
Yesss I got the hair installed in a middle part style. As you can tell from the picture, the hair does not look much wavy. Why? Well that is because I roughly straightened the hair as when I got it installed I looked like a lion having a bad hair day! Moral of the story is that I should have stuck to installing just 3 bundles, instead of insisting that my aunt should try and fit all four bundles in.
Overall, I am in love with this hair and I should be keeping you posted on all the different hair styles I plan to do with it!

So I did say that I would tell you why I do not like curly/wavy hair:
- It gets bushy quicker than straight hair
- More tangles and shedding
- It is more likely to get the 'old' look in due time as opposed to straight hair
- Sometime, it does not blend in well with your hair
I think that is all the reasons as to why I do not like wavy/curly hair, but desperate circumstances calls for desperate measures, hence, I now have wavy hair installed.

Will you be buying any type of virgin hair anytime soon?

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