Friday, 30 November 2012

Brow Fix-up

Hey sweeetieess!
If you did not know, I go university. The university I go to is quite a distance from home, which means I would have to find other places to fulfill my beauty needs. These include brow threading, nails and so forth. So lets relate this to the post title, well, I went to find a place to thread my brows as they were getting a tad bit messy. I FOUND ONE! It was in the market in a very tight place, which did not bother me too much as the one I go to at home is also in a market. To add excitement it was student day, meaning that the price went down to £2, as you can imagine I was literally leaping to sit down in that chair. She started, this was a lot less painful than the one I normally go to at home. I thought to myself how much better can this get, cheap prices, near to where I live and not even hurting me (usually I cry, an indication of whether or not the threader's technique is painful). BEAR IN MIND I told this woman I wanted thick brows (as I grew them out) and also showed her a picture of how I normally get them done. To cut a long story short, when I went to look in the mirror, after her 'miraculous' work, I nearly cried; This woman pretty much took of all my brows, left them non identical  and her work was just messy! She then had the audacity to tell me that my I never had much hair on my brows to begin with, as if she did not already insult me with her 'magical hands'.
Right is this a rant post or a tutorial post? Im getting to carried away.

(Top: How the lady threaded my brows
Centre: a little bit of tweaking (with a razor)
Bottom: Tea tree toner water (to remove any excess hair not needed)

So as you can see the top image is the abomination the lady called 'greatness'. They do not even look like they correspond, it literally looks like she was going for two different shapes when she was threading! The second image shows the result of me tweaking a bit. At this stage I did not get it exactly how I wanted it (which I rectified later), however, I got a shape. I then used the Lush tree toner water to take away any excess hair and also as I was going to be putting foundation, I used it as my base/primer.

(Left to right: Elf mist spray, Rimmel eyebrow pencil with brush and Brow)
Thereafter, I used the elf mist and set spray to help get my brows get tidy, with the assistance of the Rimmel eyebrow pencil brush.

(Left to right: Brow dried out, Brow lined)
At this point, I do not think I tweaked the left brow properly (looking at it from this point, the brow on the right) as it looks thicker than the other brow. However, that does not really matter depending on the density of the brow you are looking to go for and since I am going for thick, it would not even show. I do tend to line my brows , especially at times like the one presented, however, I do not do so all the time. Pretty much when I need to do so.

(Left to right: Brow filled in, Mary Kay concealer - Bronze 2, Brow cleaned up)
On this particular day, I was in a rush to go to work (as I was going to be late if not), so how I filled in my brows were slightly messy; apologies. The first image is of how I fill in my brows, normally the shape would already be there so I would need to use much brow pencil to fill it in. However, since this is a fix up and the shape I wanted was not visible without the pencil, I had to do more shading. 
With my normal brow routine I use two concealers. I forgot to take a picture of the second concealer (Sheer Cover duo concealer - Tan/Dark) I use, due to it being in a state which is not appealing to the naked eye. How do I use these concealers? The Mary Kay concealer is in fact my skin tone shade, so I would use it above my brow to blend in with my foundation and skin tone. I then use the Sheer Cover concealer below my brow to serve as a highlighter.

(Final results)
Okay so I may have got a bit excited with the end results as the first image I rushed my lipstick application to take a picture lol. The second image displays the final results of my brow fix-up; I must say it looks like I did not even have a brow problem at all... Was that a bit cheeky of me to compliment my skills?

Have you ever had a brow mishap? 

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  1. omg how horrible! i've luckily never had that. my brows are usually just the same shape and the obvious errant hairs need to threaded away

    1. Very fortunate! Usually its the same shape but I wanted something thicker as opposed to what i normally have..