Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thats that stuff I don't like..

Hey dolls!
So from the title you can guess what this post is about... I KNOW! Its way off from the concept of my blog (being all things beauty and fashion related), however, I wanted every month to have a random post which does not really relate to fashion or beauty. This topic has been a hot one on Youtube and a few bloggers' pages..
So here we are, it actually took me about a week to figure the things I actually do not like. The following really actually irritate me; I do not realise that they get under my skin until someone does it to me or it occurs; It ranges from beauty stuff, stuff I see on others or stuff people do to me.

1. You take my stuff without asking and continue to do until you're caught out - being at uni this ish happens sooo many times and you do not want to be irrational with them but you have got to warn them on this type of stuff!

2. HORROR movies! Im an absolute chicken when it comes to horror movies, I close my eyes throughout the whole movie which is a stupid thing when you pay money to watch that movie. BTW im forced to watch these!

3. When people listen to my conversations with OTHER people and then pass on messages (BEAR IN MIND ITS NOT THEIR PLACE TO); not only do they pass on the message they also pass incorrect messages.

4. Repeatedly calling me. If you call me once and I ignore it DON'T call me again!

5. Online shopping! - All in all I love online shopping, I mean it saves me time and sometimes you get more bargains as opposed to shopping in stores. However, buying something online and when it comes it doesn't look nothing like the picture or it doesn't bloody fit!!

6. 'Brazilian' babes - These are the girls with the Brazilian, Indian or whatever virgin hair, leather jackets , blazer and Zara shopper bags (basically everything that makes them look identical or almost alike with the virgin/remy hair); they all act like they ish don't stink, like seriously bish gtfoh!

7. Girls wearing wrong foundation shades and believe they look good.

8. When a guy believes his wealth will immediately make me fall for him. Im not no hoe don't believe you can buy my love.

9. When you realise that you've enjoyed your holiday soo much that now its coming to the last few days you have yet to start any assignment.

10. All these useless boys stunting with fake 'Hermes' belts; trust me if it were real you would not wear it everyday!

11. A Persistent guy; there is nothing more that annoys me than when you tell a guy, in many words, that you're not interested and he just wont stop pursuing you!

12. Liars; Need I say more?

13. Addressing me by inappropriate names i.e. Yo, Bitch etc.. My mother did not name me those name, please refrain from calling me them.

14. Judging me without even knowing me.

15. Two faced people; Do not talk to me and then talk behind/stab me in the back

16. Messing with my money; when I do your hair and let you go on credit, do not take it as I will not want my money; you then begin to act silly and expect me to be chasing you for my own hard work. Please, if you want to play those game, don't even bother asking me to do your hair for you.

17. Girls being dress size 16 but want to wear a size 10? Please dress according to your size.

18. When girls have those exaggerated, really dark brows; Its like 'chill girl, yo face ain't no colouring book'

 19. 'Internet Gangsters' - you can type ish to me but you would not say it to my face.

 20. People who try to bring me down; I'm a stress-free, happy girl, believe if you try that shit it just wont work because I'll just bounce back like POW!

Kept it short as I did not want to bore you all :); LOL I'm kidding I know its long, Thank you for reading.

What are the some of the things that get under your skin?
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  1. can't stand bad eyeliner! Ooh! Following ya love :)

    1. You know! I love when I find the right eyeliner and Thank You :D

      Im following back xx