Thursday, 13 September 2012

Top 3 'budget friendly' make up storages ♥

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My Story
Storage was not a huge issue for me, until my obsession grew! When I first started collecting, I did not have so much items so I did not fuss over drawers or so; I just bought myself a medium sized storage container from my local pound store. By the time 3 months had passed, I noticed a few of the small cosmetics I owned would go missing and eventually the box had exceeded its maximum. This left me with no option but to either find bigger storage or constrain my obsession. So you can already tell, I did not constrain my obsession; I fed it LOL! I ended up buying an alternative to the acrylic cases (a plastic one) from Wilkinson. I stored all my old cosmetics (ones which were usable) and also the new ones I had bought. I'd say this is a very budget friendly alternative to the acrylic case (for UK people) and also one which has the capacity to store plenty of your makeup.

1.Muji acrylic 5 drawer box (24.95)
The Muji store can be located all over the UK. Prior to my knowledge,USA were the ones to stock up these drawers (by so I mean it was not available to UK customers) and if UK customers wanted to order them they would have to order from the US; probably through someone you knew there as their online store restricted buyers from outside of the US. THEY ARE NOW STOCKING IN THE UK!!This could be a problem as they are in high demand by many beauticians that they run out really quickly when in stock. Moreover, Ebay also happen to sell smaller acrylic drawers and sometimes replicas of the Muji drawers, however, the vendors can bruise your wallet a little. Personally I think these drawers are too small to store foundations however they are able to fit all your lip glosses, sticks, eye shadow palettes and blushes.

2.Wilkinson plastic storage 4 drawer (18.00)
As mentioned above in my story, this bad boy is VERY affordable and convenient for those starting a collection (or those who like a bargain). I place emphasis on how budget friendly this is as it is just that great for storing make up or any type of beauty/fashion items (such as earrings; I see y'all earring hoarders LOL). I've linked the one I got from Wilkinson, however, you can find these plastic drawers at local stationary stores such as Ryman. These drawers have enough storage space to store all your foundations, concealers, blushes, lipsticks and so forth. The drawers are A4 in length and so you are able to shack as much items into one drawer as you want.

3. Cutlery drawer organiser (1.00 - 40.00)
If you are an individual with a huge make up collection you may want to want to in fact buy yourself a chest of drawers. One purchase of one of these bad boys and you're sorted for how ever long your obsession wants to grow. Those who already own one chest of drawers will find that this way of storing make up is more budget friendly than any of the mentioned; It may not be the most ideal but it is definitely budget friend and stores your make up neatly; not to mention it will help lessen time trying to find where an exact item is. What I am trying to convey is that buying a cutlery drawer organiser will help to organise all your makeup. These organisers are cheap in price, fit perfectly into the chest of drawers and look neat in them too! There are many places where these organisers can be bought; they range from pound stores to Tesco and so on. In addition, depending on the quality you want and your budget you may want to buy a a higher priced organiser.

Will you be buying any of these budget friendly make up storages?
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  3. i have one similar to a cutlery drawer...i posted it all once on the blog. maybe i should update?