Sunday, 27 January 2013

Its My Birthday!!!!

Hey, Salut, Hola!!
Since I have yet to make a post since the start of the new year, I would just like to take this moment to say...
Today is my special day , I have officially turned 19 (my last year as a teen). I'm a tad sad that this year it fell on a Sunday, nonetheless, I get to spend the day with my loved ones.
As it is my 19th, I was not going to do anything, however, my friend and family decided to take me out.
I luurrrvveee birthdays, well my own, as it gives me a chance to sit and acknowledge what I have accomplished in the last years, in this case 18 years, how proud I am of myself and to see how far I've come.
I am not one to make resolutions as then at the end  of the year if I have not fully achieved resolutions set then I would, somewhat, be disappointed in myself. However If every year on my birthday I relax and see what I have accomplished, then if I had not accomplished one thing last year there are many more birthdays to come to accomplish, in Gods will.

However, there is one thing I do not like about birthdays. That is that there is always one person who constantly reminds you that you are getting older!
So, what have I accomplished so far (top 3)?
1. I am  now in University, studying a course I am interested in and excelling in it!
2. I have chosen to take my knowledge of beauty (make up and so forth) and develop it further (college and freelance makeup artistry).
3. I have stopped talking to and doing favours to my 'friends', who only talk to me when they need favours.

(Top 2nd picture: Earrings I got from F21
Bottom 1st picture: Hair after it was just done! Smiless)
Since it was a casual dinner I decided not too wear anything over the top. I chose not to wear any eyelashes as well as no eye shadow. My eyebrows are not heavily shaded in as I wanted a more natural look.

- Lush tea tree toner
- Dermalogica oil control lotion
- Sleek correcter and concealer - Shade 5
- YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation - BD70
- MAC MSF - Deep Dark

- Sleek face contour/highlight kit - Dark
- Sleek Blush by 3 - Pink Spirit

- Body shop Carbon eye definer - Brown
- Mary kay concealer - Bronze 2

- Clinique high impact mascara - Black

- LA colors lipliner - Plum
- MAC lipstick - Rebel
- Nyx lip gloss - Queen of Africa

-Toni & Guy styling tongs
- Silvikrin hairspray - Natural hold

For my hair, I went with soft curls; they look elegant yet appropriate for the occasion.

I wanted to go for something short and natural looking, my girl Phong just knows whatever design you have in your head just drop her a few hints. I am just in love with the way she hooked me up. If you ever decide to go to her, tell her Yammy sent ya ;) .. I've linked her website to her name (mentioned above), so you can check out all her other design (she has loads!). 

More photos...

Anyone else born on this day/ is an Aquarian?
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